BoscoR is a software solution utilizing Bosco and GridR to enable remote processing of R programming language functions.  Utilizing BoscoR, you can submit remote processing from within your R environment, whether it is RStudio or the R command line to clusters on your campus or on national infrastructure such as the OSG or XSEDE.

BoscoR can expand the realm of possibilities for your R processing.  By moving R processing to remote clusters, your R workflows can run hundreds or thousands of simultaneous calculations, all managed from your laptop.

How does it work?

BoscoR utilizes a Bosco submit node to send R processing to remote clusters.  This can be demonstrated in a very simple example.  More in-depth documentation is available on the Wiki.

A Simple Example

After installing Bosco and GridR, you can open up your favorite R editor.

> library("GridR")
> grid.init(service="", localTmpDir="tmp")
> mult2 <- function(s) { return (s*2) }
> grid.apply("x", mult2, 13)
> x
[1] 26

What happened here?  First we loaded and initialized the GridR library.  Then we created a very simple function that will multiply the input by 2, and return that value.  Next we called the function grid.apply, a very special function in GridR.

grid.apply will send the function, in this case named a mult2, to be calculated on the remote cluster with the input 13.  When the processing is completed on the remote cluster, the result from the function will be written to the variable x.

Next Steps

Try out BoscoR for yourself.  Brief instructions are on the wiki.