BoscoR Beta!


We are proud to announce that BoscoR has hit Beta.  BoscoR is a software solution utilizing Bosco and GridR to enable remote processing of R programming language functions.  Utilizing BoscoR, you can submit remote processing from within your R environment, whether it is RStudio or the R command line to clusters on your campus or on national infrastructure such as the OSG or XSEDE.

BoscoR can expand the realm of possibilities for your R processing.  By moving R processing to remote clusters, your R workflows can run hundreds or thousands of simultaneous calculations, all managed from your laptop.

Head over to our the BoscoR webpage to find out how you can install and run R jobs on remote clusters with ease.

Please note that as a beta release, it may not work completely.  We want to hear your feedback!  Please send any issues or comments on BoscoR to



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