Bosco 1.2 Release

The Bosco team is pleased to announce version 1.2.  This new version brings along a new installer, the quick start installer, as well as a host of user experience improvements.

Some highlights:

Quick Start Installer – The quick start installer makes it simple for first time users to install and configure Bosco.  This installer will install Bosco as well as ask a few questions to properly configure Bosco to connect to a cluster.  Once the quick start installer has completed, you will be able to process your research on the connected cluster.

SLURM Scheduler Support – Bosco now supports connecting to clusters that are running the SLURM scheduler.  Consult your target cluster’s documentation to determine if it is running SLURM.

Memory Specification – Many clusters require you to specify the required memory necessary to run the job.  Now you can specify the requested memory in the Bosco submit file and it will be set on the remote cluster.  This is necessary when your processing requires more memory than the connected cluster’s default.

And many other bug fixes, scalability improvements, and user experience improvements.  Full release notes are available.

Now, go and download and enjoy!

– The Bosco Team

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