BOSCO v1.1 Alpha Release Notes

The BOSCO team is happy to announce the availability of Version 1.1 Alpha of the BOSCO software.  The packages are available on the download site.  BOSCO 1.1 includes some exciting features such as Multi-OS support, Single Port Usage, and improved Multi-User support.  These changes will allow users unparalleled flexibility in choice of clusters they can run on.

BOSCO 1.1 Alpha is an Alpha release, and succeeds 1.0.  Installation documentation is on the twiki.  Any bugs or issues found with the Alpha should be reported to the BOSCO team by emailing


BOSCO is the next release from the BOSCO software team.  It includes many features that where requested by users.  This includes Multi-OS support, Improved Multi-User, and single port usage.

The Alpha release is a checkpoint for the BOSCO team in order to find bugs that may affect new users.


Upgrading instructions can be found on the bosco installation documents.  The Upgrade should be trivial from 1.0, just replacing the bosco install, and re-adding the clusters.

BOSCO clusters added with 1.0 are not compatible with 1.1 clusters.  You will need to re-add all of the configured clusters from 1.0


Multi-OS Support

BOSCO will now detect the OS of the remote cluster, installing the appropriate version of BOSCO on the remote host.  BOSCO will download BOSCO from our FTP servers at the University of Wisconsin – Madison.  More details of this major feature can be found on this blog post.

Single Port Usage

BOSCO will only use a single port, 11000 by default, for all communication with the remote clusters.  The remote cluster will contact the submit host on port 11000.  For more details, see this blog post.

SSH File Transfer

BOSCO will now use SSH for file transfers when using the universe = grid option in a submit file.  Using SSH File transfer, the submit host is not required to have a public internet address, nor any open ports.  But, using SSH file transfer is only available though when not using condor end-to-end, which disables BOSCO features such as transparent multi-cluster support.  For more details, see this blog post.

Multi-User BOSCO

Multi-User has been vastly improved over the the previous release.  BOSCO can now be installed so that a single user, presumably an administrator, can add clusters that users can submit jobs to.  Documentation can be found on the twiki.

MacOSX Support

BOSCO now supports the MacOSX 10.7+ operating system as a submit host.  BOSCO does not support MacOSX for a cluster (+execution host).

Known Issues

Known issues can be found on the twiki.

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